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our technology

The PHION ONE platform is built on four technology principles:

Safety. Power Scalability. Distance. Usability.

No more plugs, no more cables, no more charging pads.

Welcome to the future of wireless charging.




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infrared (IR)

Through our patented infrared technology, PHION will consistently deliver efficient power whether the receiving device is one or 30 feet away

concurrent charging

With the PHION ONE Platform, one transmitter will supply power to multiple devices simultaneously


PHION mitigates the need for costly wiring and reduces the energy expenses of wired devices and IoT systems that, when idle, use up to 40% of a building’s energy


With built-in data communication channels and data collection capabilities, PHION’s platform provides corporate partners with flexible space management while mitigating data loss and security risks


The PHION ONE Platform will offer 20W of wireless power regardless of distance, offering both range and sufficient power without compromise


The PHION ONE Platform was built with safety first in mind; power transfer activates only when all safety checks have been met and shuts down in a fraction of a second when an obstruction is detected

versatile applications

For mobile devices, IoT hardware, robotic systems, and beyond, PHION’s over-the-air power transfer platform is poised to redefine charging within multiple  industries