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geometric-figures (2)  The Basics

What does the PHION ONE ™ platform do?

The PHION ONE is a category-making wireless charging platform that delivers meaningful power to your devices without wires, cables, or charging pads. It is wireless charging hardware and software that offers corporate customers “Power as a Service” to benefit and delight their guests, tenants, and employees.

Why is it named PHION ONE?

ONE stands for Optically Networked Energy to represent how our technology delivers scalable wireless power.  ONE is also intended to be a statement of our position in the far-field wireless charging industry as the one and only solution to deliver intelligent power at significant levels with omnidirectional coverage over tens of feet without compromising efficiency.

What can it charge?
The platform can charge any device that uses rechargeable batteries and accepts power through a USB-C or lightning port. For inquiries into different interfaces or connections, please contact us directly.
What’s so special about the PHION ONE platform?

We have been quietly perfecting our technology and corporate partnerships for the past several years.

We are now ready to launch a revolutionary platform that delivers power wirelessly to meaningful distances and at useful amounts, with the first generation able to power devices with up to 5 watts over a 15-foot radius of omnidirectional distance.

All this using perfectly safe technology.

Only PHION offers a revolutionary solution to crack the power/distance challenges faced by other far field wireless players.

How does the charging work?
The PHION ONE transmitter generates a small beam of infrared light. The light’s energy is directed toward the receiving device, which converts the light into electrical energy and voilà, the receiving device is now charging.
How does the receiving device get charged?
In a similar fashion to how solar panels convert light from the sun into energy, the PHION ONE receiver converts light from the transmitter into useful electrical power, and with substantially greater efficiency than solar panels.

sketch (1)  The Details

What versions are available now? In the future?

PHION is making the PHION ONE available for demonstrations and public pilots.

The first-generation platform will deliver up to 5W of power to the receiver over a 15 feet radius from the transmitter. The transmitter can prioritize receivers based on customer preference.

PHION has already begun work on future generation platforms that will deliver up to 20W of power and up to 30 feet omnidirectional power distribution.

How many devices can the PHION ONE transmitter charge at the same time?

Our first-generation transmitter will charge one device at a time, prioritizing based on customer preferences and remaining charge.

The PHION ONE platform uses PHION Sense™, our proprietary time-sharing firmware, to instruct the transmitter to charge a device or another device.

PHION Sense can redirect the transmitter’s charging beam almost instantaneously to another receiver and then back again as needed, using the customer’s charging rules.

How fast can the transmitter locate the receiver once it enters the charging area?

PHION's transmitter uses a proprietary combination of hardware and software to identify and track a receiver in 3-dimensional space. The first-generation platform will be able locate the receiving device in less than 1 second.

Can any user with a PHION ONE receiver get power from any PHION ONE transmitter?
The platform is very flexible in this regard. Inherently, any receiver can be powered by any PHION ONE transmitter, but the platform is also configurable –just like 3rd party WiFi connections—to require receiver authorization to connect to the transmitter.
Does the PHION ONE need to connect to WiFi?
The PHION ONE Platform can charge without being connected to the internet. However, the platform requires internet connectivity to provide certain functionality to our corporate customers:
  • PHION will provide over-the-air software and firmware updates
  • PHION will use internet connections to the transmitter to conduct diagnostic analyses to support troubleshooting
  • PHION will provide corporate customers access to its cloud-based Monitor application through internet connections to the transmitter
  • These services cannot be provided without enabling a connection between the internet and the PHION ONE transmitter

electricity  Safety, Safety, Safety

Is the PHION ONE platform safe?

Absolutely, safety is at the core of our design. Our platform is built for safety of all users in all environments.

The PHION ONE platform terminates the charging beam in microseconds if any of the multiple redundant safety checks fails. After interruption, all safety checks must continuously pass before the charging beam is re-activated.

Once there is a clear line of sight to the receiver, this happens in less than a second.

What happens if there is an object in the path between the transmitter and receiver?

The transmitter must have a clear line of sight to the receiver to stay in a charging state.

With the transmitter and receiver in continuous communication with each other, a blocking or reflecting object interrupting the line of sight, will cause the transmitter to terminate charging in a fraction of a fraction of a second, in fact, nearly 1000x faster than the blink of an eye!

Charging resumes in less than one second after a clear line of sight is reestablished.

skyscrapers  Market Matters

How does PHION’s platform fit into the future of “Smart Cities” and connected infrastructure?

PHION’s team is deeply engaged in ensuring that the PHION ONE platform will fit into smart and connected infrastructure and cities. Our goal is for the PHION ONE platform to be a critical component for powering smart cities today and in the future. PHION will power IoT, cameras, sensors, mobile devices in built environments and transportation systems. The platform’s wireless data functionality will be an essential link for human interaction with both the built environment and transport sector. 

The PHION ONE platform is positioned to create a seamless layer of power distribution in smart cities of the future.

PHION’s Power as a Service offering will provide a wealth of information to building and transport managers and planners and is designed to fit into the very concept of Smart Cities.

In addition to communicating statistics about the wireless power transfer process, the platform’s wireless data channel can communicate to user devices customizable information provided by the corporate partner, such as building maps, points of interest, charging sites, etc.

Is the PHION ONE platform available for homes and individuals?
We will be making the PHION ONE platform and related services available to large residential real estate companies for offer to their residential customers.

menu  Other Stuff

    What user software comes with the PHION ONE

    Individual users can download the Android or iOS mobile app. The mobile app allows the user to see the state of charge and identifies PHION ONE transmitters in the area to charge.

    For corporate users, we include a “Power-as-a-Service” web application (the Monitor application) to enable management of the company’s suite of PHION ONE transmitters and receivers, the allocation and prioritization of charging, and gather valuable information about the use of the platform and the spaces in which the users are being serviced.

    The application will also provide building managers with the ability of sharing building maps, points of interest, charging sites with users and smart battery alerts for building operators and owners.

    Is the PHION ONE Platform plug and play?
    Indeed, the PHION ONE platform is “plug and play.” Power on the transmitter and plug in the receiver device and charging can begin without any interaction by the customer.
    Can a corporate customer use its own app to interact with PHION ONE?
    Over time, we intend to enable third party apps to connect to the PHION ONE platform through an SDK.
    Does PHION have any patents on its technology?

    Yes, our technologies include very novel inventions in the field of wireless charging.

    PHION has been awarded a number of patents covering hardware, software, and system elements that make our platform a class leading technology.