The first wireless charging company to deliver

scalable power to multiple devices in large spaces

Who We Are

PHION Technologies was created to enable the future of hardware while redefining the concept of mobility. The PHION™ technology platform has the power to revolutionize major industries with a near-limitless number of enterprise, industrial, and consumer applications.

The PHION team are dreamers, doers, scientists, and builders creating an over-the-air wireless power and data transfer technology based on a simple form of energy... Light.

The team's technology approach enables significant power delivery over large areas, safely for all users in all environments.

As maker's of hardware and software to manage, deliver, and control wireless power, the PHION™ platform enables flexible and wire-free charging from IoT to robotics.

PHION™ consulting services provides guidance and assistance on the deployment and integration of wireless charging technologies. No one charging approach fits all applications and therefore the team is well-versed in the variety of potential wireless power transfer solutions. The consulting service supports our clients and their customers to leverage the maximum benefit from their wireless charging technology.

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