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redefining global
charging standards

PHION’s over-the-air wireless charging platform seamlessly transfers power and data to mobile devices, IoT hardware and sensors, robotic systems, and thereby eliminating the cost and maintenance of batteries and cables. We are raising the bar for charging worldwide while changing how users, enterprises, major industries, and entire cities think about power.

the PHION advantage


Safety is always our top priority. With pinpoint accuracy, PHION delivers power to enabled receivers on an as-needed basis. Meanwhile, a fault-tolerant safety system constantly monitors performance and receiver status, shutting down power delivery 1000x quicker than the blink of an eye


Our wireless charging solutions cross a myraid of use cases, supporting consumer devices, home and industrial automations, IoT devices, and virtually any sensor or system with a chargeable battery


PHION intelligently scales power output to support everything from small sensors to industrial robotics. While legacy charging stations and outlets require major structural modifications to scale, our over-the-air charging technology is built for scalability by simply adding transmitters.


Unlike most over-the-air wireless charging approaches, PHION strives to eliminate power losses between transmitters and receivers

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To discover more, we invite you to reach out today. Let’s redefine the future of charging, together.